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№4(45) October-December 2019

Journals policy

Authors of the articles published in «Proceedings of the Russian Higher School Academy of Sciences» journal are researchers of academic and industrial institutes, professorial staff, postgraduate and graduate students of Universities, experts and specialists in science areas of priority interest for the journal. 
All the texts are peer reviewed then the editorial board makes decision about publishing. The editorial board of «Proceedings of the Russian Higher School Academy of Sciences» asks prospective authors to strictly follow the guidelines for articles preparation. The articles that do not comply with the guidelines will be rejected without being reviewed.
Journal «Proceedings of the Russian Higher School Academy of Sciences» does not publish articles of descriptive, survey, controversial, social and methodical nature (except the method is new in principle) as well as articles representing intermediate results with no substantial scientific conclusions. 
Publication is free of charge for authors.
In order to use materials from the «Proceedings of the Russian Higher School Academy of Sciences» the reference to the journal, article and authors is required. Violations of the copyright would be prosecuted under the law.