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№4(45) October-December 2019

Paper Submission guidelines

It is recommended to read the article preparation guidelines carefully. The articles not prepared in accordance with the guidelines will be rejected without being reviewed, the authors will be informed via e-mail, the manuscript will not be sent back.

It is strongly recommended to use for the article preparation the pattern stored in the file where the article preparation gudelines are stated in more details.

The manuscript prepared for being sent to the editorial board ought to have the following structure:

1    Russian language unit

  1.1    Article title

  1.2   Initials and family names of the authors (initials before family names)

  1.3   Names of the institutions where the authors are employed

  1.4   Abstract (author's summary) of 150-250 words

  1.5   Keywords and phrases (5-10 items)

Main text of the article ought to:
represent a statement of the problem, description or grouds of the solution method, the results obtained and conclusions derived
have features of timeliness, novelty, scientific and practical importance of the results that is reflected in conclusions

  1.7   Bibliographical list of REFERENCES
2   English language unit

  2.1   Article title (translation)

  2.2   Initials and family names of the authors (initials before family name)

  2.3   Names of the institutions where the authors are employed, city, country

Abstract (author's summary) written based on the abstract in par.1.4 but not being literal translation (including machine translation)

  2.5   Keywords (exact translation of keywords in par.1.5)

  2.6   Bibliographical list of REFERENCES
3   Information about the authors in russian and english languages

In the first page header the section of the journal should be typed to which the current article is supposed to belong (physical and mathematical sciences, chemical sciences, engineering sciences). 

In the footer after © "copyright" symbol the year of publishing, the initials with the authors' family names should be typed. The financing sources are also typed in the footer if necessary