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№1(78) January - March 2020

How to submit a paper

Conditions of admission of articles

In order to submit an article the author (all coauthors) should be registered on the journal's website. Author (one of the coauthors) in his/her personal account on the journal's site should select «Submit article» item and type all required information. His/her coauthors he/she selects from the list of the registered users.

The manuscript should be prepared in accordance with article preparation guidelines using MS Word text editor and attached as a file of *.doc, or *.docx type.

Scanned copy of the license agreement with the authors signatures and the experts' opinion (color scan, resolution not less than 300 dpi) should also be sent as *.jpg or *.jpeg files using the personal account and section «Submit article».   

 Important: The work should be received no later than 3 months before the official publication of the issue according to the schedule. In exceptional cases, with the agreement of the editorial staff of the journal, the deadline for receiving the paper in the nearest issue can be extended, but not more than for two weeks.) Before sending the manuscript to the editorial office, it is strongly recommended to verify it using the Anti-Plagiarism system.

To the editorial staff of the "Scientific Bulletin of the NSTU" submit the following materials:


1.   The article prepared in accordance with the rules of execution, printed version of the article, 2 copies, signed by the authors.

2.   Contact information (office phone, cell. phone, E-mail address, place of employment, address of the place of employment, position, academic degree and academic rank of the author); printed version of the article, 2 copies.

3.   Description of the article for database “Russian Science Citation Index” (RISC) prepared in accordance with the rules of execution, printed version of the article, copy of a document.

4.   License contract should be sent with all the package of documents, and scanned completed contract should be written to the disk.

5.   Electronic version of the article, contact information, descriptions of the article for database RISC, scanned license contract (should be written in separated files on the CD).

6.   Expert`s report on the possibility of publishing article.


   Editorial staff will consider the materials that fully meet the requirements above. Incomplete package of materials are not considered.

   We draw your attention to the section “Rules of paper submission”.In this section you can get acquainted in detail with the rules and examples.

   These materials are sent to the postal address of editorial office: 630073, Novosibirsk, av. Karl Marx, 20, Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU), bldg. 7, off. 409, off.417, to the editorial staff of magazine "Scientific Bulletin of the NSTU."


   All the typescripts are reviewed, after reviewing the editorial board decides which articles can be published. Publication of the typescript is not paid.