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№1(78) January - March 2020

Paper Submission guidelines

It is recommended to read the paper submission guidelines carefully and to consider examples. Editors consider only author's materials which are completely compatible with the following rules. An " Incomplete " package of materials will not be considered.

Before sending the manuscript to the editorial office, authors are strongly recommended to verify their papers using the Anti-Plagiarism system.


You need to prepare:

1. A paper in accordance with the paper submission guideline. You can consider the prepared examples.

2. Contact information - in one file you should provide the information about each author : full name , academic degree and academic title of the author, job title , place of work, address of the place of work, office telephone, mobile phone and e-mail. You can consider the prepared examples.

3. A paper description for the database “ The Russian Index of Scholarly Citations"- prepared in accordance with the paper submission guidelines. You can consider the prepared examples.

4. A license agreement. You should complete and sign the form of the license agreement (if there are several authors, add margins for all authors to sign). Sign on the authors' side , the editors’ side shouldn’t be sighed.

5. The expert finding on the possibility of publication adopted by your organization.