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Vol. 7, No 3-4 January - December 2020

How to submit a paper

    In order to submit an article the author (all coauthors) should be registered on the journal's website. Author (one of the coauthors) in his/her personal account on the journal's site should select «Submit a paper» item and type all required information. His/her coauthors he/she selects from the list of the registered users.

   The manuscript should be prepared in accordance with article preparation guidelines using MS Word text editor and attached as a file of *.doc, or *.docx type.

   Scanned copy of the license agreement with the authors signatures and the experts' opinion (color scan, resolution not less than 300 dpi) should also be sent as *.pdf, *.jpg or *.jpeg files using the personal account and section «Submit a paper».

   Simultaneously with the original article sent a decision of expert control on the possibility of open publication of an article on the Postal address: 630073 , Novosibirsk, Karl Marx Prospect, 20, Novosibirsk State Technical University ( NSTU) , Bldg. 5 , aud. 137VC, Skeeba V.Yu.

Author's editorial license agreement should be also send to the postal address when making a manuscript for publication.

All manuscripts are reviewed.
Fee for publication of manuscripts will not be charged.