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Vol. 7, No 3-4 January - December 2020

Paper Submission guidelines

     The text typed in Microsoft Word. Size of the originals - A4. Font - Times New Roman, font size of the main text - 14 pt , page setup - all fields 2 cm. Full justification. Line spacing one and a half. Indention - 1.25 cm. syllabification turned on. The illustrations, charts, graphs, photos should be clear and understandable, may be included in the text.

 Scientific publication should have the following structure:

   1. Title (should be as short as possible and reflect the content of the text).
   2. Abstract:
     • in Russian based on GOST 7.9-95 - a concise overview of the content of the work (according to GOST at least 10 lines, 850 characters), indicates the key issues on the approach to these problems and to achieve work; should use relevant words from the text of the article;
     • in English – should be more then in Russian and include 150-250 words, it is recommended to follow the chronology of the article, to use an English-language -specific terminology, not to include irrelevant details and use active rather than passive voice, avoid complex grammatical constructions (not applicable in scientific English).
   3. Keywords (should display the contents of the work) .
   4. Introduction (1-2 pages, a brief overview on the state of the problem with quotations or references to relevant literature. In the end of this section it is necessary to formulate a goal or task of the new study and how you did it).
   5. Theory (for theoretical work) or method of experimental studies (for experimental work) . Avoid repetition, excessive detail and known locations, detailed findings of formulas and equations (only the final result of the formula, explaining how they were obtained) .
   6. Results and discussion.
   7. Conclusions (based on the work described in this paper, should be concise).
   8. References.

 Brief requirements to the manuscripts

   Physical units. During preparing the manuscript one should be guided by the International System of Units (SI) .
   Tables are numbered if their number is more than one. Title is required when the table has an independent value, without the title are tables of auxiliary character.
   Mathematical formulas. Complex and multi-line formulas should be typed entirely in the formula editor Microsoft Equation 3.0. Use only continuous numbering.
   Figures. Recommended sizes of figures: 60 × 150, 60 × 70 mm. (300 dpi.)
   Bibliography compiled in the course of literature references in the text and listed at the end of the manuscript. References cited in the text are given in square brackets, for example [1 ], [ 2, 3 ], [ 4-7 ], [4 , pp. 23-28 ].

 Example of an article